Waldorf Dodge is Domestic. Not Domesticated.


Dodge recently debuted a brand new slogan that perfectly encompasses the what the Dodge brand means to our customers. From the ESPN Magazine 2016 Body Issue to Comedy Central Roasts, the new Dodge slogan is making the rounds around all popular media outlets in numerous forms; television, print, digital, web, social, and even experimental. The new slogan reads, “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” This perfectly describes the feel of Dodge’s line of cars.

All Dodge vehicles are made in America, with the Charger and Challenger being manufactured in FCA’s Brampton, Ontario, so the North American Free Trade Agreement considers all Dodge vehicles to be domestic. Those who truly care about the American economy should be ecstatic that all Dodge vehicles are manufactured domestically.

Dodge, America’s mainstream performance brand, and SRT, the ul

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been the star of the ad campaign, perfectly encompassing what it means to be domestic, not domesticated. Available for purchase in granite crystal black or plum crazy pearlcoat red, the throwback look of the Hellcat alludes to a simpler time of muscle cars, while not compromising the modern design of the vehicle. One look at this vehicle and you’ll see that the Hellcat is domestic, not domesticated.

The Dodge Charger is also a massive part of the “Domestic. Not Domesticated” campaign.The most technologically advanced all-wheel drive system in the class featuring automatic front axle disconnect, the Dodge Charger has the power that you’ve always wanted out of a vehicle. So make your way to Waldorf Dodge and find out why all your favorite Dodge models are domestic, not domesticated.

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