Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is a part of autumn in our area. With the heavy rain we’ve had this year, and the anticipation for more to come, we’ve compiled a list of tips for driving in heavy rain to help keep you safe behind the wheel.

W Dodge - October 18.jpg

  • Install Fresh Windshield Wiper Blades – Make sure your windshield wiper blades are performing at their best. Don’t forget about your rear window Contact our Parts Department to order a new set for your vehicle.
  • Keep a Safe Distance Between Vehicles – Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you while driving. In a heavy rain, hydroplaning may occur. Be sure to leave enough distance for your vehicle to stop suddenly if the vehicle in front of you makes an abrupt stop.
  • Slow Down – The easiest way to avoid hydroplaning in a heavy downpour is to slow down. Leave extra time for you to take your time before arriving to a destination so you’re not speeding.
  • Ensure Your Tires are Safe – Be sure there is enough tread on your tires to give ample traction during a heavy rain. If you’re unsure how to determine whether your tires need replaced, contact our Service Department and let our experts help you.
  • Drive with Headlights On – In accordance with the law in the state of Maryland, you must turn on your headlights if your windshield wipers are running. This not only helps you to be able to see in poor driving conditions, but it helps other cars see you more easily.
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