The most customized Truck in the World; Ram

Thinking of customizing your Ram truck? You are not alone. “Ram owners love to accessorize and personalize their trucks..” Pietro Gorlier Mopar’s president and CEO explained.  For this very reason, Ram is the most customized Truck in the world. Truck owners typically spend somewhere between $500 and $1500 on the over 9000 accessories available.

Dodge 1500

Dodge 1500

Waldorf Dodge is your one stop  shop for Dodge truck customization and accessories, whether you go to East Coast Moparts, or Dodge Aftermarket, both located within the Waldorf Dodge building.

A popular Aftermarket accessory is the spray in bed liner, an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient option to protect your investment. The spray-in bedliner protects against, rust, scratches, and other damage. Eliminating more than 10 pounds when compared to traditional Drop-in bedliners of yesteryear, the Spray-in Bedliner increase fuel efficiency.

Other popular customization includes Halo and LED projection lights. These lights give users an added brightness, some are designed to work better in fog, rain or typically poor weather and visibility conditions, while the vast majority, seem to give a brighter shine to headlights.  Certain Halo lights, also give the impression of pupils, personifying the car and giving letting a little bit of the Truck’s soul shine.

Dodge 1500

Running Boards, and Nerf boards. With the holiday season approaching, we would not be surprised to see a Ram 1500 with red nosed headlights and a trailer hitch, attached to Santa’s sleigh this year.

Again, all of these options and more are available at Waldorf Dodge, located on 2450 Crain Hwy Waldorf, MD 20601.

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