Want a Light Duty Diesel – Meet Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Diesel in a light duty truck?  What?  Really?  Who has that?  Those are the kinds of responses we get when people first find out that Ram offers a diesel in the Ram 1500.  Now in its second year of production the Ram EcoDiesel is so popular we are finding it hard to keep them here so folks can take them for a test drive.  Southern Maryland truck enthusiasts are thrilled that there is a truck that can do whatever job they need done and still average up to 28 MPG!

So many of you know and already love the Ram 1500 and its comfort and styling.   We are sure you would choose the easy to use navigation as an upgrade.  It will give you another reason to take the EcoDiesel for a cruise through the Maryland and Virginia countryside.  Maybe you need to hook up and take the camper for a long weekend in the mountains, or take the 4-wheelers or boat to Deep Creek for a weekend.  We can honestly tell you that you won’t be disappointed with whichever trip you decide to take with the Ram 1500 Ecodiesel.

We are guessing that you are looking for some details.  The EcoDiesel is available in Ram 1500 Quad Cab and Ram 1500 Crew Cab models, additionally it is available in the Ram 1500 Regular Cab with an 8 foot bed.  You can get a base Express or the top of the line Big Horn with all of the options.  The Ram 1500 can be configured so many ways, you won’t have to settle for less than perfect!  If you want more information on the Ram 1500 and the Ram EcoDiesel, stop by and see us.  Waldorf Dodge Ram is located on Route 301 north in Waldorf, just 15 minutes from Washington DC.  You can also check us out online at waldorfdodge.com

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