Another field trip to Charles County Humane Society

We took another field trip to the Charles County Humane Society again this week.  It is Kitten season at the shelter.  They are really in need of people to foster these furry little balls of fun, so if you willing to open your home and your heart – please give them a call.

One of the statistics they mention is that for Charles County Only – to keep all dogs and cats out of the shelter would mean that every man, woman and child in the county would have to keep 45 cats and 16 dogs.  Can you imagine – that means just for a household of two people, you would have 90 cats and 32 dogs!  That is a really compelling reason to SPAY or NEUTER your pet!

The Charles County Humane Society is just one of the non-profit organizations that we at Waldorf Dodge support, mostly in a non-financial way.  Just by producing videos of the pets available for adoption, we are providing an important service for them and the community.  Want to know how you can help?  Give them a call at 301-845-6161.  They LOVE volunteers.

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