$99 Used Vehicle Slasher Sale Was a Big Success

Wow, what a weekend.  All week last week we prepped the dealership and staff for what we expected to be one of the biggest sales we have ever had here at Waldorf Ford Used Car-Truck Center.  Advertising done…check; cars clean and inspected…check, fence up…check, staff assembled…check.  Phone calls from folks who wanted to pre-register, started coming in on Tuesday and  by closing time Saturday, the day of the sale, we had fielded 561 phone calls!  The staff was a little overwhelmed to say the least. 

Friday morning, the day prior to the $99 Premier Sale, started off with people already lining up outside the gate at 8:30AM.   That’s right, 24 hours PRIOR to registration starting and 26 hours prior to the gate opening.  We still had lots to do, tent had to go up, coolers needed to be filled with water and of course more people needed to be pre registered.  Throughout the day the line continued to grow and by Saturday morning, they were lined up around the corner and down the lot. 
By the time gate opened at 10AM Saturday, there were hundreds of people in line, waiting for their chance to get a car for just $99.  You see, the $99 Premier Sale is about slashing prices and some of the cars prices are actually slashed to just $99.   How this works is that the person in the drivers seat when the price is slashed gets first chance to buy the car for the new price.  If they decide not to buy – for whatever reason – the person in the passenger seat is the next person to get to buy, then it moves to the back seat passengers.   So, when the gate opens, you want to hurry to the car you are interested in because you want to be the first one there.
We opened the gate and everyone went to the car they wanted and waited for “The Slasher” to come around.  Now mind you it was REALLY hot on Saturday – so these folks must have REALLY wanted to buy a car.  It was so exciting when we had our first car slashed to $99.  High fives all around.  Other cars were slashed by $6,000 to $8000.  By the end of the day we had 6 cars sold for just $99 and many others with prices slashed to below $10,000.  As it turns out, the sale lived up to its expectations and was one of the biggest sales we have had at Waldorf Ford Used Car-Truck Center…Thanks to all of our great customers in Southern Maryland.

Check out the video and make sure to attend next years!!


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