Watch a Dodge Challenger being made!

We thought this was pretty cool. Ever wonder how your new Dodge Challenger is made? Well wonder no more and think of it as the ultimate field trip for grown ups: Peter Carey and a video crew visited Chrysler’s Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario to get a true behind-the-scenes look at the assembly process for the Dodge Challenger. In this video, he learns that it takes about 24 hours to take a Challenger from framing to the end of the line, with more than 2,400 workers building Chrysler 300s, Dodge Chargers, and Challengers at the plant. Something is going on pretty much everywhere you look at Brampton — even above your head.

After your done droolling over this video, come on by your favorite Maryland Dodge Dealer and check out some in the flesh ones. Be careful though you might just end up taking one home.

SOURCE [Redletterdodge]

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